Let’s Get Personal

Let’s Get Personal

We are so excited to introduce you to our brand and the Stilazzi way of life! Some of you may know us already and many of you have just met us, whether at a trade show, beauty industry events or through social media. However it happened, if you love makeup, brushes and lashes you might have just found the fresh new brand you’ve been searching for…

Now let’s get down to beauty business. While you may or may not have heard of us, Stilazzi has actually been in the industry for awhile. We began in the Pro Makeup Artist world and have slowly crept into beauty bags everywhere. Our team is made up of artists, marketers and beauty dreamers that want to take Stilazzi to new heights.


We are constantly evolving our brand and products. Every item is created for a reason, each shade has a purpose. Our makeup is pro quality, our brushes won’t give out on you and our lashes are just so #[email protected]&-ing pretty! But Stilazzi isn’t just here to sell makeup, we have a story to tell and a lifestyle to go with it. We’re all about dogs coming to work, happy hour, late-night yoga, summertime in LA, traveling as often as we can and taking you with us for all of it!


Get a little more personal with us... visit our Story page! Keep checking out our blog to see what magic we’ve got brewing up, and don't forget to Join The Squad!



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